Unreal Improvement In 3 Months! Off Page SEO

Have you been searching for ways to improve your website’s performance and increase its visibility on search engines? Look no further! SERP Mining, a leading SEO service provider, recently showcased their exceptional off-page SEO skills in a case study. They worked with a phone and internet service provider in the USA for five months, focusing on proper link building. The results were astounding, with the website experiencing significant improvement in rankings and daily visitors. However, a drop in keyword rankings and traffic in February prompted the client to reach out to SERP Mining again. Find out how they addressed the issues and helped the website recover. With their expertise and dedication, SERP Mining is your go-to SEO solution.

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Issues in the Website

Impact of Google’s December Update

The website experienced some negative impacts due to Google’s December update. Certain pages on the site did not provide a good experience for users, resulting in a drop in keyword rankings and daily visitors. This update highlighted the importance of providing a positive user experience and prompted the need for improvements.

Competitors’ continued link building

While the website stopped building links, competitors continued to create backlinks, giving them an advantage in search engine rankings. This further affected the website’s performance and necessitated strategic action to regain lost ground.

Poor user experience on some pages

Some pages on the website were identified as offering a poor user experience. This could include slow page load times, confusing navigation, or outdated content. Addressing these issues was crucial to improving the overall performance and engagement of the website.

Actions Taken

Updating pages with fresh and new content

To address the impact of Google’s December update and improve the user experience, the website’s pages were updated with fresh and new content. This involved restructuring the content to ensure it provided value to users and aligned with best practices for SEO.

Improving user experience

Improvements were made to enhance the user experience on the website. This included optimizing page load times, streamlining navigation, and ensuring that relevant and engaging content was easily accessible to visitors. By prioritizing user experience, the website aimed to increase engagement and encourage return visits.

Gradual and synchronized backlink creation

In response to competitors’ continued link building, a gradual and synchronized approach was employed to create backlinks. This ensured that the website’s backlink profile developed steadily over time, mirroring natural patterns and optimizing for search engine algorithms.

Building 301 redirects from high-authority websites

To boost trust and authority, 301 redirects were built from high-authority websites. These redirects, coming from reputable sources with strong domain authority, enhanced the credibility of the website. The process took several months for the links to be recognized by search engines, but the results were significant in improving the website’s reputation.

Unreal Improvement In 3 Months! Off Page SEO

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Importance of Backlinks

E.A.T. and Google’s emphasis on trust and authority

Google places great importance on expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E.A.T.) when assessing websites. Backlinks from high-scoring websites contribute to establishing trust and authority, which are vital factors in search engine rankings.

Trust and authority gained from high-scoring websites

Backlinks from websites with high scores, particularly those with a domain authority (DA) of 90 or above, help establish trust and authority for the website. These links signify that reputable sources recognize the value and reliability of the content, bolstering the website’s reputation.

301 redirect backlinks add trust and authority

The 301 redirect backlinks built from well-known international websites play a crucial role in further enhancing trust and authority. While these backlinks alone may not be sufficient to rank the website, they significantly contribute to establishing credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Need for a well-rounded strategic cluster of backlinks

While 301 redirect backlinks are important, a well-rounded strategic cluster of backlinks is necessary for comprehensive link juice generation. This encompassing approach involves acquiring different types of backlinks from diverse sources to strengthen the website’s overall backlink profile.

Results Achieved

Improved rankings on main keywords

As a result of the implemented strategies, the website experienced improved rankings on its main keywords. The changes in content and the gradual backlink creation resulted in higher visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs), enabling the website to capture more organic traffic.

Resurgence in website traffic

The combination of updated content, improved user experience, and strategic backlink creation led to a resurgence in website traffic. The website regained lost visitors and attracted new ones, indicating successful efforts in optimizing for search engines and user satisfaction.

Faster keyword recognition by Google

With the implementation of fresh and informative content, Google started picking up on keywords more quickly. This improved keyword recognition by the search engine, further aiding in enhancing the website’s visibility and organic search performance.

Continued work needed for further improvement

While significant progress has been made, there is still more work to be done to further improve the website’s performance. Ongoing monitoring and optimization will ensure that the website remains competitive and continues to evolve according to the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

Unreal Improvement In 3 Months! Off Page SEO

Final Thoughts

Confidence in handling any SEO project

After successfully addressing the various challenges faced by the website and achieving positive results, there is now a strong sense of confidence in handling any SEO project. The experience gained from this project has provided valuable insights and expertise that can be applied to future endeavors.

Expertise and professional support offered by SERP Mining

Throughout the process, SERP Mining showcased their expertise and provided professional support to address the website’s issues and implement effective solutions. Their strategic approach and understanding of SEO best practices were instrumental in achieving the desired outcomes.

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